The People

The last post for this week – the reason why we do projects like this are of course the people we are trying to help.


Therefore, thank you ‘Georg Fischer’ for your generous contribution, that allowed us to make a real difference in these people’s lives.


The Project

Sorry for the delay of this post. I was home yesterday with two sick children; but here is the next Photo post. The last one will come later today.







Daily Photos next week…

I looked through the large volume of photos we took during the course of the project and took some time to edit a selection of pictures that have not already been published here. Just to make a sort of look back of the project I will share them next week with a daily (starting on Monday 21st to Friday  25th of September) post of a few photos.


After next week there will be just a few more issues to cover here, since the project is pretty much finished.

So stay tuned and I promise there will be a couple more entries / reports.