About us


Caritas Switzerland helps people in need in Switzerland and worldwide in more than 40 countries. Together with the network of Regional Caritas Organisations, Caritas Switzerland gets actively involved where people in wealthy Switzerland are affected by poverty: families, single parents, the unemployed, the working poor. Caritas organises volunteer support and looks after asylum seekers and refugees. Globally, Caritas provides emergency relief in disasters and helps with reconstruction. Development cooperation helps people to help themselves, in such areas as food security, water, the environment, human rights and education for children and adults.



In 2002, on the occasion of its 200-year anniversary, GF established the Clean Water foundation. Since then, GF provides the foundation with a considerable amount each year. To date, Clean Water has supported around 120 projects with over CHF 8.5 million and has improved the lives of more than 140 000 people with a sustainably improved access to clean drinking water. To mark the foundation’s tenth anniversary in 2012, GF and Caritas Switzerland signed a partnership for the supply of drinking water.


Three Caritas Staff are direcly involved in the operational aspect of the project: Andreas Psota, Fuad Imamovic and Amir Ikanović


andreasAndreas Psota the Project Officer and overall lead of the project, who’s main responsibilities include operational and budgetary oversight of the project and reporting to Caritas HQ and donors (including writing this blog).




fuadFuad Imamović is the Project Manager and first Construction Engineer and has thus the responsibility for the day to day operations, including all the technical aspects of the project.






Amir Ikanović is the second Construction Engineer and works directly under the supervision of Fuad Imamović.


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